Panasonic Rice Cooker Reviews

Panasonic rice cookers have been around for a really long time and the designs have improved a lot since I last use them. I really like them because they are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. The rice cookers don’t come in extravagant designs but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good! In fact, a touch of simplicity in design and function is seen in every model.

If you are hunting for a Panasonic rice cooker, chances are you may come across these few models I’d mention here. I only recommend the best models after trying them or at least get my kitchen professional friends’ opinion. Do read my reviews on this brand!

Best Panasonic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-NA10 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR NA10

Panasonic SR NA10

Why is this model the best Panasonic rice cooker? Simply because it’s a smart rice cooker. Equipped with Fuzzy Logic technology, it can adjust the power and heat to the right setting so that your food comes out perfect. It’s not an exaggeration because I’ve tried using this rice cooker to prepare everything from rice to bake cake and everything came out to my liking.

This rice cooker is best for those who want a modern technology yet simple to operate rice cooker. Modern moms fit into the picture as well as modern singles who appreciate both traditionalism and sophistication. (There is also a large version in the 10-cup category).

Best Basic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-G06FG Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-G06G 3.3 Cup Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR G06FG

A classic rice cooker for those who don’t cook very often, you won’t feel the pinch of having to spend a lot to buy the best cooker in the market. Panasonic SR G06FG is a functional and good rice cooker. I used to use this during my student days and it served me well whenever I needed a quick meal in between classes. I’d recommend this to those of you who want a basic, simple Panasonic rice cooker.

10-Cup Panasonic Rice Cookers

Recently, I’ve received a common question from some readers and friends. They asked, “Do I really need a 10-Cup rice cooker?” Well the answer is yes and no. What determines this is your lifestyle. Say, for example, you cook meals for yourself and your significant other most of the time but then you also have to prepare meals for the homeless every fortnightly in your local community program. Without skipping a beat, you should definitely get the 10-cup Panasonic rice cooker.

A bigger rice cooker may come in handy when you are asked to cook bigger meal portion. Otherwise, you can still do the same for the smaller rice cooker. It’s just that you got to wait on it and cook several rounds. That said, here are 2 models you should note:

Panasonic SR-TEL18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-TEL18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

Panasonic SR-TEL18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is perfect for family use because it’s easy to clean, will keep food warm (although for 5 hours only) and prevents food from spilling over with its good lid cover. Choose this if you are looking for a basic home use unit.

Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker

Panasonic SRG10G 5-Cup Automatic Rice Cooker

This model is easy to use, simple in design and ideal for everyday use. You should get this if you are looking for a cost-efficient rice cooker.

Panasonic Rice Cookers – All Reviews:

3-Cup Rice Cooker

5.5-Cup Rice Cooker Or 5-Cup Rice Cooker

10-Cup Rice Cooker

Other than Panasonic rice cookers, the leading rice cookers must be Zojirushi rice cookers and Sanyo rice cookers. But you can also find some decent models with other brands, such as Cuisinart rice cookers and Black & Decker rice cookers. Or maybe you’d like to check out the best rice cookers by cup size instead. Anyhow, do find out more in my Best Rice Cooker main page.

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