How To Use Rice Cooker Correctly And Save Energy

How to use rice cooker correctly and save energy

Here are some tips will help to to maintain your rice cooker and save energy while cooking rice:

  • While cooking rice, you should not open the cooker’s cover because this is a waste of energy and increasing the energy needed to heat the rice.
  • Do not put the rice cooker in the wet area or damp. By putting in the web area will easily make the rice cooker become rusted.
  • To clean your rice cooker try to use only sponge, don’t use metal sheet.
  • Do not use the rice cooker if your hand are wet. And also do not unplug by jerking the power cord.
  • If you find any unusual or error of the rice cooker, which will make the cooker work improperly. You have it fix immediately, do not leave it.
  • Make sure the power cord must be firmly attached to the rice cooker’s body. It can not be too loose.
  • To be safe, always unplug the rice cooker after use.
  • Often test for the power leaks by using ground wire connected with the rice cooker.
  • Well, lastly, read its manual and instruction carefully. Make sure you understand completely how to use the rice cooker before start using.

All this tips will help to make sure you will use the rice cooker correctly and save the electric bill:)

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