Best Value Big Rice Cooker – Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10-Cup Rice Cooker Review

If you like Sanyo rice cooker ECJ-D55S but need to serve more then 5 people in the family, then Sanyo ECJ-D100S Rice Cooker is just perfect for you. It’s have all the outstanding feature from Sanyo ECJ-D55S but just bigger, larger capacity rice for big family, large enough to serve 10 people in the family.

I haven’t use this rice cooker before, but in LA Time news, Judy Yao like the user-friendly feature and deliver tender rice with a hint of sweetness. And editor at cook illustrated give this sanyo rice cooker model a very high rating in their rice cooker reviews.

Personally, I love the smaller one model and I think it’s Sanyo rice cooker ECJ-D100S model shouldn’t be too bad either.

Sanyo Rice Cooker ECJ-D100S Review

Sanyo ECJ-D100S Rice Cooker - 10-Cup Rice Cooker

Sanyo ECJ-D100S Rice Cooker - 10-Cup Rice Cooker

Well, base on more reading from rice cooker reviews on this model and research, this Sanyo rice cooker has a 24-hour programmable timer, steamer tray and slow cooking feature setting for soups. (Wow, better then my small Sanyo ECJ-D55S) that’s why it’s more costly for getting this bigger rice cooker too. Anyway, one thing to note here from the review is … it’s mention it’s cook perfect white, and sushi rice except you need to take more care in cooking brown rice. Hmm, I guess nothing is really that perfect.

Anyway, if I need bigger rice cooker, I wouldn’t hesitate to get this one – Sanyo Rice Cooker ECJ-D100S from Amazon.

Besides this model, I would recommend the best big rice cooker to be Zojirushi NS ZCC18. Unless you like to stick to Sanyo rice cookers, there are many 10-cup models to choose from. You can go to my Best Rice Cooker main page or my post on Best Rice Cookers – Sorted By Cup Size for more.

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