Making lentils in a rice cooker is an easy and convenient way to make this nutritious legume. It’s no secret that many of us are always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen, so using your trusty rice cooker can be a great solution!

I’m here to tell you that making lentils in a rice cooker is not only possible but also really simple – all it takes is some basic ingredients and knowledge of how long to cook them. Let me show you just how easy it is!

What Kind Of Lentils Can You Use?

Yes, you can make lentils in a rice cooker! Lentils are easy to prepare and require minimal cooking time. They come in many varieties, so it’s important to know which ones work best for your recipe.

Red lentils cook the quickest and are perfect for soups or stews, while black or green lentils have firmer textures that hold their shape better during longer-cooking dishes like salads. When storing lentils, be sure to keep them in an airtight container as moisture will cause them to spoil quickly.

Cooking times vary depending on the type of lentil being used. For example, red lentils take about 15 minutes of simmering over medium heat until they’re tender and lightly mashed – making them one of the fastest-cooking types of dried legumes. Meanwhile, green and brown lentils may require up to 40 minutes before they reach optimal tenderness.

Fortunately, using a rice cooker makes this process much easier since most modern models feature automatic shutoff timers that prevent overcooking.

Overall, preparing delicious meals with lentils is simpler than ever when you use a rice cooker. Whether you’re looking for quick-cooking options like reds or something more substantial like black belugas – there’s bound to be a variety that fits your tastes perfectly!

How To Prepare The Lentils

I’ve always been a big fan of cooked lentils, but I never knew that you could make them in a rice cooker. It turns out to be really easy! All you need is the right amount of liquid and your preferred type of lentil. Once everything is inside, it’s just a matter of setting the timer and waiting for the delicious results.

The great thing about cooking with a rice cooker is that there are countless flavor variations depending on what ingredients you use. For example, adding some spices or herbs like turmeric or bay leaves can give it an extra kick of taste!

With such versatile possibilities, you can create amazing dishes simply by changing up the ingredients each time.

No matter how you decide to prepare your lentils, cooking time will vary based on which kind you’re using. Generally speaking, red split lentils take about 15 minutes while green ones usually require around 30 minutes—but don’t forget to check if they’re done before serving!

Setting The Rice Cooker

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients and prepared the lentils, it’s time to set up your rice cooker. This device can make cooking lentils a snap!

To begin, add 2 cups of rinsed lentils into the inner pot of your cooker. When measuring for this recipe, remember to use 1 cup of dry lentils per two servings.

Next, pour in 4 cups of water or broth. Make sure that the liquid covers all the lentils by about an inch. Then, measure out one cup of long grain white rice and place it on top of the mixture with a pinch of salt.

The ratio between the amount of lentil and rice is important when making this dish; there should be twice as much lentil as there is rice. This will ensure that both components are cooked evenly without undercooking either one at the end result.

Now that everything is inside and measured appropriately, close the lid of your cooker securely before pressing down on start button.

Depending on how powerful your machine is, it will take anywhere from 20-30 minutes for the meal to fully cook through so keep an eye on it throughout its cycle.

If any foam builds up during cooking time just remove it using a spoon – other than that let everything sit until done then serve hot!

Tips For Perfectly Cooked Lentils

Cooking lentils in a rice cooker is an easy, time-saving way to make a delicious meal! With just a few simple steps and ingredients you can have perfectly cooked lentils in no time.

The first thing to do when cooking lentils in your rice cooker is to store them properly. Lentils should be stored in airtight containers or bags away from sunlight or heat sources. This helps keep the nutrients locked into the beans for maximum flavor.

Next, it’s important to season your lentils before adding them to the rice cooker. For example, add some herbs and spices for an extra burst of flavor.

Finally, it’s time to cook! Measure out one cup of dry lentils per two cups of water used and then let your rice cooker do its magic. In just about 25 minutes you’ll have perfect lentils that are ready to enjoy!

Serving Ideas For Lentils

Now that you know the basics of cooking lentils, it’s time to explore some creative ways to serve them.

Storing cooked lentils is easy – simply place them in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to five days. Reheating can be done on the stovetop or microwave. You can also freeze cooked lentils for later use.

When it comes to flavor pairings, there are many options available with this versatile legume. Lentils go well with a variety of grains like quinoa, bulgur wheat, and farro. They’re delicious served over roasted vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, or eggplant.

Try adding extra herbs and spices like cumin and coriander for more depth of flavor. For those looking for something heartier, try combining your favorite type of lentil with ground beef for a protein-packed dish!

For lunch or dinner dishes featuring healthy greens, add a scoop of cooked lentils for an added boost of plant-based protein. Add some crumbled feta cheese and top off with your favorite salad dressing – voila!

Enjoy exploring all the different flavors and combinations possible when making meals with lentils; you won’t get bored easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Cook Lentils In A Rice Cooker?

Cooking lentils in a rice cooker is easy and convenient!

Depending on the type of lentil you’re using, the amount of time needed can vary. For example, red or yellow lentils typically cook much faster than green or brown ones.

As a general rule, most types should take between 20-30 minutes to cook when prepared in a rice cooker.

When it comes to seasoning options, feel free to experiment with your favorite spices and herbs for extra flavor.

Have fun cooking!

Is It Safe To Cook Lentils In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can definitely cook lentils in a rice cooker!

The cooking time can vary depending on the type of lentil – brown or green will have different times.

With flavor variations, it’s easy to customize your meal with spices and veggies.

You just need to be careful not to overcook them; they should still hold their shape after being cooked.

Plus, using a rice cooker makes clean up much easier!

How Much Water Do I Need To Add To The Lentils?

When cooking lentils in a rice cooker, you’ll need to add the right amount of water. Generally, for every cup of lentils, use two and a half cups of water.

If you’re using spice mixes or other flavors, it’s best to start with less water so that the spices don’t get diluted by too much liquid.

The cooking time will depend on what type of lentil and if they’ve been pre-soaked – usually anywhere from 12 minutes to 40 minutes.

Make sure to check regularly though as overcooked lentils can become mushy!

Do I Need To Soak Lentils Before Cooking In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, you do need to soak your lentils before cooking them in a rice cooker.

Lentils should be stored in a cool, dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

When preparing the lentils for cooking, give them at least 8 hours of soaking time before putting them into the rice cooker.

This helps reduce the cooking time and ensures that they are cooked through without burning.

Additionally, it is important to check on the lentils periodically during their cook time as different types of lentils require different temperatures, so you don’t want them to overcook.

How Can I Add Flavor To Lentils Cooked In A Rice Cooker?

Adding flavor to lentils cooked in a rice cooker is easy! You can add spices and aromatics before or after the cooking process.

If you’re adding them before, try stirring them into your lentil mixture just before it goes into the pot.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more subtle flavors, then you could wait until after they’ve finished cooking and season with some herbs and spices like garlic powder or cumin.


Yes, you can make lentils in a rice cooker!

It’s an easy and convenient way to quickly prepare flavorful meals with minimal effort.

All you need is the right amount of water, some seasoning or herbs if desired, and your chosen type of lentil.

Just remember that cooking times may vary based on the variety of lentil being used. So be sure to check often while they cook so they don’t become mushy or overly soft.

With a few simple steps, you’ll have delicious lentils ready to enjoy in no time at all!