Hey everyone! Cooking rice is a task that can often seem daunting and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today I’m going to show you how easy it can be when using a rice cooker. A rice cooker is an incredibly useful kitchen tool that makes cooking perfect fluffy rice fast and simple.

In this article, I’ll explain exactly how to use one for fool-proof results every time. So let’s get started!

Choosing The Right Rice Cooker

When it comes to choosing the right rice cooker, there are a few things you need to consider.

There are different types of rice out there – long grain, short grain and sticky rice, for example – and each type requires different settings on your cooker in order to get the best results.

You’ll also want to think about how much time you have available to cook your rice; some appliances offer quick-cook options that can save precious minutes when making dinner.

Another important factor is whether or not you plan on using pre-programmed settings with your machine.

These can be very handy if you’re looking for consistent results every single time, as they allow you to set up specific instructions regarding cooking times and temperatures so all you’ll have to do is press “start”!

This feature might be particularly useful if you’re working with multiple varieties of grains, as each one might require slightly different amounts of heat and water during the cooking process.

No matter what kind of appliance you choose, make sure it has enough capacity for your needs and read through any manuals carefully before use.

If done correctly, this simple kitchen tool should provide perfect bowls of fluffy rice without fail!

Preparing The Rice

I usually start by measuring out the amount of rice I need.

Then I add the correct amount of water and stir it together.

I make sure that the ratio of rice to water is correct, otherwise the rice won’t cook properly.

After that, I put it in the rice cooker and let it do its thing!

Adding Water

When it comes to using a rice cooker, the first step is adding water. This can be a bit tricky depending on what type of rice you’re cooking and how much time you have available for cooking.


You’ll need to adjust your measurements according to whether you are making long grain or short grain, white or brown rice – as well as if you are looking for a softer texture that takes longer to cook, or something more firm.

I usually measure out two parts water per one part dry rice, but this ratio may vary slightly due to my desired outcome. Once the right amount of water has been added, all that’s left is to hit the ‘on’ switch and let the machine do its job!

Measuring Rice

Now that you know how much water to add, it’s time to measure out the right amount of rice. This is where things can get a bit more tricky – depending on what type of rice and level of texture you want, cooking times may vary significantly.

For example, if I’m making long grain white rice, I usually go with one-and-a-half parts dry rice per two parts water. On the other hand, brown rice requires twice as much liquid for softer results; so in this case I’ll use two parts dry rice per three parts water. It all depends on your own personal preference!

Once everything has been measured accurately and added to the cooker, then all that’s left to do is wait for the timer to finish counting down. Generally speaking shorter grain types like white or jasmine require between 10-20 minutes of cook time until they’re ready. Longer grains such as basmati or wild take a bit longer – up to 40 minutes – but have an incredibly flavorful end result when done correctly.

So now you’ve got all the information needed in order to prepare perfectly cooked rice every single time! With practice and patience soon enough you’ll become a pro at getting creative with different recipes and adding unique flavors into each meal – if desired.

Adding The Water

Before you can start cooking, you need to add the water. Measuring out the right amount of water is essential for a successful dish. To do this accurately, it’s best to use an actual measuring cup or jug and not try to guess the volume with a regular kitchen cup or glass. Don’t forget that some types of rice require more water than others – so make sure to check your specific instructions before adding any liquid!

Once you’re confident in how much water needs to be added, pour it into your cooker and close the lid securely.

Next comes the all-important step of setting the timer on your cooker. This will depend on what type of rice you are using, but typically white rice takes around 12 minutes while brown usually requires up to 40 minutes of cooking time. Many models have preset settings which makes life easier, however if yours doesn’t then refer back to your recipe instructions for guidance as too little cooking time could result in undercooked grains while overdoing it can lead to clumps instead of fluffy individual grains.

After adjusting the timer accordingly, press ‘start’ and let your cooker work its magic! The great thing about modern cookers is that they automatically switch off once complete – no need for manual monitoring throughout the entire process.

Now just wait patiently until you hear that familiar sound indicating dinner is ready!

Setting The Cooker

It’s really easy to use a rice cooker, and it can make mealtime so much easier. Whether you’re an experienced cook or just starting out, these simple steps will help you get your perfect bowl of fluffy goodness every time.

The first step is deciding what type of rice you want to use – long grain white, brown basmati, etc., as this will determine the amount of water needed and the cooking time required. Depending on the type of rice you choose, you’ll need between 1-2 cups of liquid per cup of raw dry grains. If possible, refer to your specific model’s instructions for exact measurements – different brands may have slightly different requirements.

Once everything is all measured out correctly, place the inner pot with the lid off into the main unit and plug it in. The control switch should be set to “cook” if using pre-measured amounts from Step 1; otherwise select ‘warm’ which keeps cooked food hot until ready to serve.

You can also toggle other settings like timer delays or sound alerts depending on your preferences. And that’s it – now let those grains do their thing!

Serving The Rice

Once you have finished setting the cooker, it’s time to start serving the rice.

It is important to remember that to ensure each portion has enough cooked rice, make sure that you measure out a good amount of uncooked rice for each person who will be eating. If you are unsure about how much should go into the cooker, refer to your instruction manual so you can get an idea of what cooking time and servings portions work best with your particular model.

When all the uncooked rice has been added in and everything is set up correctly, turn on your cooker and let it do its thing! Depending on the type of appliance and the quantity of ingredients being used, this could take anywhere from 15 minutes for quick-cooking white or brown rice varieties or over an hour for specialty grains such as wild or black rices.

Most cookers come with a timer function so if need be you can pre-set when it will switch off automatically before leaving it unattended.

Once done cooking, carefully open the lid using oven mitts or pot holders if necessary and serve away! The hot steam released during this process might burn if not careful but don’t worry, just keep your distance until it dissipates completely.

With any luck, there’ll be delicious fluffy cooked grains ready for everyone at the table in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Cooked Rice Last In The Refrigerator?


When it comes to storing leftovers, cooked rice can last up to four days in the refrigerator.

To ensure that your meal is safe to eat and still tastes good, reheat it thoroughly before consuming.

You can use a microwave or stovetop to heat the rice – just make sure that all of it reaches 165°F (75°C).

If you have leftover cooked rice from yesterday’s dinner, be sure to store it properly so you don’t get sick!

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Rice Cooker?

Cleaning a rice cooker doesn’t have to be difficult. The best way is to soak the grains in warm water for about 15 minutes before discarding them and give it a good rinse with some mild soap or detergent.

Be sure not to use abrasive materials, as this can damage the inner walls of your rice cooker. Depending on which type of rice you’re cooking, there may also be extra steps involved – so make sure you check that out too!

Can I Cook Other Grains In A Rice Cooker?

Yes, you can cook other grains in a rice cooker! However, there are some things to keep in mind when doing so.

Different types of grain require different cooking times and amounts of liquid, so it’s important to research the specific instructions for your grain before getting started. For example, quinoa takes about 15 minutes to cook in a rice cooker with 2 cups of water per cup of dry quinoa.

Experimenting with different quantities and varieties is also possible. Just make sure that whatever type of rice or grain you’re using has enough liquid to create steam and ensure even cooking throughout.

What Other Dishes Can Be Cooked In A Rice Cooker?

Cooking with a rice cooker is so much more than just making plain white or brown rice.

You can cook all types of ingredients, including grains like quinoa and barley, as well as vegetables, seafood and meats in your rice cooker!

Depending on the type of food you’re cooking, it may take anywhere from five to 30 minutes for your dish to be ready.

If you’re looking for inspiration, try creating an easy stir fry by adding some veggies and diced chicken into your cooked rice – delicious!

Can I Use A Rice Cooker For Steaming Vegetables?

Yes, you can use a rice cooker for steaming vegetables! It’s an easy and convenient way to cook your veggies in just minutes.

To get started, all you need is some water stored in the bottom of the pot with either metal or bamboo steamers placed above it. Depending on what type of vegetable you’re cooking and how tender you’d like them to be will determine how long they should be cooked for – usually between 5-15 minutes.

You’ll also want to make sure that whatever vegetables you are steaming have enough room to move around while being cooked so they don’t burn. When done correctly, using a rice cooker for steaming vegetables can yield delicious results every time!


Using a rice cooker is simple and convenient, allowing you to make delicious dishes with little effort. You can easily cook your favorite grains in it, as well as steam vegetables or even bake cakes!

With proper care and maintenance, your rice cooker will last for many years. With the right recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time.

Plus, cooked rice can stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to four days, so you don’t have to worry about making too much at once.

Start exploring all that your rice cooker has to offer – you won’t regret it!